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Silo Clean is a company founded on the principal that no one needs to perform dangerous manual entry when a better, safer, faster way is available.

Over twenty seven years ago, Silo Clean invented and introduced into the world market place a revolutionary system for cleaning the interior of dry storage silos. Until then this cleaning was accomplished by sending people inside the silos to manually shovel, poke or dislodge built up materials, many lives were lost and injuries were common place during these operations.

With the introduction of the Silo Clean method, manual entry became a choice of last resort because Silo Clean could do the same cleaning without entry in a fraction of the time and budget. Utilizing compressed air as a power source. Silo Clean is able to clear any type of build up, from any size or shape of storage container. Silo Clean became the turn key method of choice serving companies world wide.

At Silo Clean we are continually updating our Systems, the S.P.C. ( Speed, Power, Crusher) and the HSPS (Head Space Power Sweeper specifically designed for the feed/ food industry) have made the Silo Clean System more accessible to the end user with attractive purchase or service options.

In an effort to stay true to our principal "that no one needs to perform dangerous manual entry when a better, safer, faster way is available" Silo Clean offers non entry cleaning solutions for the bulk storage/ manufacturing industry. Whether for sales or service our Systems are designed to meet every budget.

We look forward to serving you now and in the future.

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