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There are any number of reasons why you may need to clean your silos but they all group into three main categories:

  • Maintenance cleaning - when repairs or inspections are required but built up material is still present.
  • Flow Disruption - occurs when built up material either reduces the flow of product to production or in some cases completely plugs the silo taking it offline causing serious production slow downs or even stoppages.
  • Product Change or Contamination - occurs when change of production needs results in a different product being stored, when contaminated product is received and needs to be purged, or the natural degradation of the stored product requires routine cleaning to remove scaling or sub standard product.

In all three cases Silo Clean offers the solution, our systems are designed to deliver the fastest turnaround time available in the industry ensuring that your silo is back on line making you money in the shortest possible time.

#2 How does the Silo Clean System work?

The Silo Clean System uses compressed air as a power source. The system breaks up the material and the material discharges through existing gates.

The System can be operated from the top down or the bottom up requiring openings as small as four inches and works in a random pattern to ensure complete coverage from ceiling to cone.

The heads are capable of crushing rock hard product or a soft powder scaling all without damage to linings or air slides/pads.

#3 How can the Silo Clean System save me money?

The Silo Clean System saves you money in many ways:

  • Fast clean out times mean less down time and reduced production delays.
  • Over twenty-seven years of experience means we do it right the first time.
  • Dry process means no by products to dispose of like water or chemical methods.
  • No manual entry, means no confined space compliancy costs.
  • Turn key means minimal in house labor costs.
  • Reclaimed material is often of a saleable nature.
#4 Can I purchase the Silo Clean System or do you only provide service?

The Silo Clean System is available worldwide for sale or service. The introduction of the new HSPS for the feed industry and the S.P.C. Systems have made it easier for Silo Clean to sell our Systems but our core business is still offering service contracts worldwide. The latest trend has been a demonstration service cleaning with portions of the cost applied against future System purchases giving the end user the opportunity to see the results before they buy. This has allowed us to demonstrate the Systems capabilities on site, showing prospective purchasers first hand results and applications specific to their needs.

#5 Do you carry insurance and what is your safety record?

Silo Clean is proud to report 0 accidents, 0 injuires and no claims since the beginning of Silo Clean.

We carry full insurance coverage including Workmans compensation for all crew members and $5,000,000.00 liability coverage.

Our crews are WHMIS and MSHA trained and have attended several site specific training programs making us a very safety minded company, able to work safely in any application even explosive environments.

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