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It will get rid of material that is anything from powder soft to material that is rock hard.

The SPC will crush and loosen dry material buildup which is currently in your storage vessel.

But that's not all because the SPC is much more than just that. It is the only system available on the market today that can not only crush and loosen but drill and undercut right through the toughest material buildup while at the same time protecting the liner inside your container. But there's still more, it is the only system that is flexible enough and versatile enough to clean the ceiling of your storage container and fit right into all the corners and even the cone.

Now you are saying to yourself this is probably very expensive, but it's not.

The SPC is not more expensive to use than any other system which you currently use to clean your storage vessels and may even be cheaper than some methods which use vacuum trucks and chemical blasting.

Now you know, that there is absolutely no reason for you not to give this system a try.

The SPC It's forever changing the way companies clean their containers!

Now available for sale!

Works from the top of any type of container. STANDARD STANDARD
No Special skills required to operate (after training) STANDARD STANDARD
Size of opening needed at top of container. Only 2" diameter 24" Square (minimum)
10 Minutes bin to bin portable/ simultaneously cleaning capabilities STANDARD Unavailable
Ability to clean the cone STANDARD Unavailable
Ability to clean the ceiling or head space STANDARD Unavailable
Ability to clean completely plugged or bridged storage vessels Optional Unavailable
Ability to clean corners and air slides. STANDARD Unavailable
Ability to break through very hard material buildup STANDARD Soft material only
On site employee training. Included with purchase Optional, if any
Custom designed, in order to solve your particular buildup problems. STANDARD NONE (Only a single design)
Minimal maintenance no mechanical parts STANDARD Requires on going maintenance

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